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Would you like to escape Geneva for a day? Great! This hike is the perfect opportunity to get out of town. We guide you safely through the passages where tourist usually won't go - but these hidden paths including a short excursion into a cave offer scenic views on the city, lake Geneva and the Jura mountains. 

MAP | Switzerland Geneva Hike

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Group size: Small

Travel type: Basic

Fitness Level: medium

Visa: Switzerland & France 

Even if the Salève is better known as Geneva's house mountain, it is located in France

Check Visa requirements here & here

Ability to hike several hours and approx.  450m of altitude on mostly good shaped hiking path.

Good shoes or boots required

Small group with a maximum of 6 Persons + guide

Transport via public bus and cable car

Hike | Balcony of Geneva | group on path


This is a great hike to the top of the Salève 1.379m with its magnificent views over Geneva and the French Alps.


From the top we will walk slightly downwards until we reach our final hiking path away from the main tourist locations. We will hike up and down, partly along the ridge of the Salève.


In the end, we will have a traditional swiss picnic with original swiss sausage (cervelat), swiss cheese, bread or baguette and a glass of wine.

This trip is organized via AirBnB. Please use the following link and booking tool. 

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