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Elm Sportbahnen

The Elm Sportbahnen in the middle of the Glarus Mountains are the perfect destination for families.

It offers plenty of possibilities such as hikes through the oldest wildlife sanctuary in Kärpf or rapid runs on trottinettes (mountain scooters) or mountain carts.

Another highlight is the Giants Forest. The adventure trail focuses on five stories that revolve around the legend of the “Martinsloch” (a hole in the Glarner Alps). In 17 individually designed stations regional topics are staged in close connection with the UNESCO World Heritage Site Sardona. Besides, cozy places invite for a BBQ or relaxation.


Scooter / mountain carts:
The fast run on the 4 km route from the Ämpächli mountain station to the Elm valley station offers pure adrenaline!

Other Points of Interest

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