What's the benefit of booking with CYou?

Plan your trip | CYou in SwitzerlandOverall we arrange your entire trip - the only thing you need to do by yourself is to travel. And it doesn't cost a fortune. As a tour operator we are always trying to get the best deal on accommodation and activities. So probably if you do everything by yourself you will get a similar rate - but you have to do all the research and booking by yourself.

Why should someone else organize my trip?

If you decide to go on a tour with us, we treat you like you were one of our closest friends or family members. That is why we ask you the questions above. So we have a brief idea of who is travelling with us. “When you travel without a plan, there’s always a chance that you’ll miss the best and most important places” No research, planning or booking necessary from your side. We provide you with your customized travel itinerary as well as our recommendations for every day and according to your interests and needs - so you can discover Switzerland all on your own. Friends in the sunset | Switzerland

Is there a guide with us?

We do guided tours as well - but on self-driving tours we respect your decision of travelling on your own. We will prepare you as best as we can, so you won't miss something along the way - maybe because you haven't heard about it before or you didn't have the time to do the research. So benefit from our local knowledge.

How come you know Switzerland?

Easy answer - never stop learning. We won't recommend you something we haven't done ourselves before. But as Switzerland is one of the best places in the world for outdoor sports and other outings it is fairly easy for us to just keep exploring this beautiful country.

What is the next step?

Within the next 48 hours you will receive a non-binding offer for your tailored trip. Here is an example of such an offer. If you like it, great! One week after we receive your confirmation and down payment, you will find your carefully curated programme including detailed recommendations and travel documents in your mailbox. Of course you can contact us any time throughout the process for any questions or last-minute requests.