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Trip Planner to Switzerland
from US, India or Saudi Arabia

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Plan Your Trip To Switzerland

No Question - Switzerland is a stunning place and always worth a visit. Why? For that check out our Blogpost of 10 reasons why to put Switzerland on your bucket list.

But this is not the topic of this site...


It is about You, your plans & budget:

The question about budget reaches us frequently - and it's pretty difficult to answer because first of all Switzerland is probably not the best country to travel on a budget (compared to south-east Asia for example) and secondly in terms of luxury and standard the are no limits set.

But we are going to try it anyway and developed a little cost calculator for you. Also, we would like to give you a little guideline of how to plan trip to Switzerland.

Hi there, 
I am Björn, the founder of CYou in Switzerland. Guiding people through our beautiful country is the best part of my day. Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact me.

Guide with flower | Björn from CYou in S
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Plan my trip to Switzerland


Well, with a little time and patience everyone will be able to find an itinerary for Switzerland that will lead you to things you must see in Switzerland, like the Grand Tour of Switzerland which includes the famous Matterhorn or Jungfrau. You might find some more inspiration when reading this article. 

Sorry for the self-promotion - but we wouldn't run the company if we weren't convinced that there is so much more to explore than the must see attractions in Switzerland. Ask us for a customized itinerary with our off-the-beaten-track suggestions. 


All year round? No seriously, every month of the year has its qualities, but we know why you ask, so check this out


Things you must see in Switzerland? Why not check out our Blog about "10 hidden gems in the Swiss Jura" or our Discover-Area which displays many sights and attractions for each region. This will give you a brief idea of where to go and what to expect.


By car? Easy as! Get your rental with us and benefit from a 100% stress-free booking and insurance coverage.
By train? Switzerland is very well connected and public transports are very punctual. Get a Swiss Travel Pass and enjoy the panoramic trains of Switzerland.
By foot? Yes! Cross Switzerland and the Alps on one of the national routes and stay in beautiful mountain huts or refugees. 


"Why to put Switzerland on your bucket list"? This Blog will give you a better impression.


A travel plan for Switzerland should implement more than the obvious panoramic mountain sceneries. Discover the Swiss traditions as well as the delicious food

Flight Cost
Airplane flying over the swiss mountains

Flight Cost

Let's start with the first big share of your travel budget - the flight. As these rates can vary tremendously, depending on where you are flying from, we recommend you to look for your flights via Skyscanner

If you plan your trip to Switzerland from India or the U.S. here are some price quotes:

From Mumbai to Zurich: around CHF 600 per Person*
From New York to Zurich: around CHF 450 per Person*
* only price indication for return flights and with no guarantee


Calculation Tool
Lake Lucerne | Old town and chapel bridge

Calculator for hotel
and transportation

The norm for our calcultion


We know this can be interpreted differently  - but let us assume you go on a trip with your partner, husband, wife or whomever you choose travelling with - and you travel mostly to explore the country itself. Sure the hotels have to be clean, it would be cool to stay sometimes in a unique or special place, breakfast should be included but you will probably spend most of the time outside → then this is your category. You don't need a tennis court but you wouldn't say no to a nice lounge here and there if it doesn't cost a fortune and fits right into your swiss travel itinerary.


P.S.: We haven't forgotten the solo travellers, but there is not much of a difference in hotel prices for single rooms. You can probably subtract about 20-30% of our calculated price with 2 travellers. 

Possible - but with prices of easily CHF 40 or more for a dorm room, Switzerland is a pretty expensive place to be. You might be able to travel cheaper than our price indication but certainly, there are cheaper countries to travel to. We always like to point out the BigMac-Index - yes it is silly, but probably the simplest indicator for the purchasing power of an economy - Switzerland is the most expensive country. So certainly, there are ways to travel cheaper - camping, couch surfing or hostels, but even AirBnB rooms in cities like Geneva or Zurich will be at CHF 100 or more per night.

As already mentioned above - there are no limits set. Highclass services and suites, Michelin course menus as well as luxury goods are no foreign words in Swiss tourism. This can't be calculated in here - but let's assume you go on your honeymoon or planning something more luxury so you ticked the box for luxury and spa on your left, then with a little bit of guidance you might be able to find affordable 4* or 5* hotels or one of the rare Grand hotels here in Switzerland in our indicated price range.

CYOU _ Logo Swiss Traditions _ Fondue

Everyday expenses:

Breakfast: If you travel with us, breakfast is always included in the hotel prices. If you choose to travel cheaper e.g. camping or AirBnB, the local supermarkets are probably your choice as they have fairly reasonable prices. For smaller coffee shops or bistros, you have to calculate between CHF 5 to 20 per meal.


Dinner: Restaurants in Switzerland are not cheap either. Depending on what you are ordering and where you are (the countryside is a little cheaper) this can vary from CHF 15 to 20 for simple pasta or pizza, CHF 25 -30 for fondue, up to CHF 35 - 50 for a filet steak. But the quality is always extraordinary. So for two persons, you should calculate between CHF 60 to 100 per day for your dinner.

Cable cars or funiculars: What would a trip to Switzerland be like without going up to some of its magnificent mountains? Depending on where you are, prices go from CHF 20 to 100 (e.g. the Jungfraujoch) per person. When booking with us we will link the best travel deals into your travel itinerary for Switzerland.

Björn from CYou in Switzerland

If you would like to travel to Switzerland we would be very happy to customize an itinerary for you.Click here to get a free offer

Everyday Expenses

Facts about Switzerland:

Official Name: 







Swiss Confederation


German, French, Italian and Romansch (official)

Most people in Switzerland speak English on a decent level

Swiss Franc (CHF)



Christianity (66%); Irreligious (26%); Islam (5%); Other (3%)

When to visit Switzerland?

December - March:

It is all about skiing. All mountains and most valleys will be covered in snow. Check out 12 superb Ski Areas in Switzerland.
If you don't feel comfortable on skis or snowboard - no problem - most ski areas offer awesome winter hikes and other attractions (e.g. dog sledding). To escape the white powder you could also explore some of the many museums or caves Switzerland has to offer - no matter what time of the year, the temperature stays almost the same here.

May - October:

Spring is awesome in Switzerland. Depending on where you are you can already enjoy the first flowers or still have snow high in the mountains. As of June/July, most mountains are accessible again so the season for all summer mountain sports starts - mountain biking, hiking, climbing etc. In July and August, there is a chance that temperatures rise above  30° Celsius (86° Fahrenheit) so better start your day early. 

In our opinion, one of the best times to visit Switzerland starts in September where temperatures start to fall slowly while in October Switzerland turns into a colorful autumn painting. There are still many sunny days until November.

Other Information

Other Useful Information:

Inspiration for your itinerary?

Uff.. .where should we start? Switzerland is such a diverse country and there is so much to see and to implement into your trip to Switzerland, depending on your personal preferences.

You can find some roundtrip suggestions below, but you can also get a free suggestion from us for a trip tailored to your interests and fitness level so you can get the most out of your vacation. 

Best of the West: Geneva → Les Diablerets → Zermatt → Lauterbrunnen → Gruyère
Best of the East:   Zurich → Lake Constance → Vaduz → St. Moritz → Lucerne




Ever dreamed of climbing the famous Matterhorn? Depending on your time and level of fitness we could arrange a climb with a certified mountain guide.


What about your first 4000m peak via a glacier passage? This one day excursion is almost for everybody (stamina for 500m altitude hike required). 


The more comfortable way to get to 4000m is certainly to take the train and later the funicular up to the Jungfraujoch. From there you can enjoy the scenic view over the Alps' largest glacier - the Aletsch glacier, as well as the notorious Eiger and Mönch.

Mount Titlis,

Pilatus or Rigi:

When around Lucerne you should not miss the opportunity to get up to one of these peaks. The view on Lake Lucerne and the mountains around is just stunning.

and many more....

Rhine falls in Schaffhausen | Switzerlan

Other Must-See places in Switzerland?

Rhine Falls: 

Europe's biggest waterfall shouldn't be missing on any Switzerland tour.

Glacier and 

Bernina Express:

The Bernina Express is part of the UNESCO world heritage but the Glacier Express is right up with it. Both are certainly two of the most spectacular train rides in the world. Contact us for your swiss rail passes. 

Lakes, lakes lakes..

Switzerland has more than 1500 lakes. Lake Lucerne is probably the most famous but have you heard about the Oeschinen lake or Blausee (blue lake)?

Hot Springs:

Why not relax a day or two in one of Switzerland's hot springs? In the canton of Valais (e.g. Leukerbad) you will find many baths.

Which mountains can I visit?

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