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Canton Geneva | Genève | Genf
Canton Vaus in Switzerland | Schweiz
Canton Fribourg in Switzerland | Schweiz

The canton of Geneva is the westernmost canton of Switzerland, surrounded almost completely by France. Geneva is a very international city given that many UN agencies and the International committee of the Red Cross are located here. A swim in or a boat ride on the crystal-clear lake with a view of the Mont Blanc, world-class shopping and exotic culinary experiences are just some of the many activities you can do in Geneva.

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Vaud is a canton in western Switzerland bordered by Lake Geneva to the south. The capital Lausanne is home to the International Olympic Committee and is known for the Olympic Museum and the medieval cathedral. A highlight in the canton of Vaud is the Lavaux vineyard terraces along the shores of Lake Geneva. Also, the town of Montreux is worth a visit, with a lakeside walk to the Château de Chillon and a cogwheel train ride to Rochers de Naye. 

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Fribourg is a rural canton in western Switzerland flanked by Bern and Lake Neuchâtel. The canton is bilingual, with French being the main language in the west and German in the east. In the south, the medieval town of Gruyères with the 13th-century castle is a highlight. But the canton also has other interesting towns and regions and various living traditions and traditional customs are strongly rooted in Fribourg.

Points of Interest

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