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10 reasons to put Switzerland on your bucket list

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

For world travelers and thrill seekers, there really isn't anywhere on Earth quite like Switzerland. If you are planning a bucket list for travel destinations, Switzerland absolutely deserves a spot near the top. Here are 10 reasons why…

LOGO | 10 reasons bucket list Switzerland

World Class Delicacies


It’s relatively certain that if you are reading this, you have likely heard of Swiss Cheese, and Swiss Chocolate. The Swiss are far more than just excellent watch makers - they can make smooth and creamy

delicacies like none other, both sweet and savory. Switzerland is home to some of the world’s most premier chocolatiers and cheese makers. Visitors can taste handmade cheeses and chocolates almost everywhere they visit, and it is a delight each time.

The World’s Most Famous Mountain (In Photography)

MATTERHORN | mountains Switzerland | bucket list

No, Switzerland is not home to Mt. Everest, or Mt. Fuji. However, when it comes to photographed mountains for scenic shots, Switzerland takes the crown. The Matterhorn is a jagged spire of a mountain that juts above the scenery like something straight from a fantasy movie. This mountain in the Alps is one of the most famous peaks for photographers and hiking enthusiasts in the world. It is a natural wonder that cannot be missed.

Some Of The Most Amazing Lakes

While the mountainous terrain might be the star of the show for many photos, Switzerland is as beautiful down below as it is up high. Lakes like Lake Geneva and the photogenic Sämtisersee are some of the most striking lakes in the entire region.

Medieval Castles

Chillon Castle | Geneva Montreux Switzerland

No question about that - Switzerland is no stranger to historic destinations and blasts from the past. The land is home to multiple exceptionally well preserved medieval castles that visitors can explore and soak in. The most famous of which is perhaps the Chateau de Chillon. This island castle is located on the waters of Lake Geneva, and the complex itself is one of the most in-tact and well maintained castles left from its era. Lovers of history will enjoy exploring the ancient wonders from bygone eras all across Switzerland.

Cultural Melting Point

Switzerland has long been a refuge and gathering place for nationalities and cultures from across Europe, and the world. Switzerland itself has four official languages (German, French, Italian, and Romansh), and far more than that when it comes to nationalities and cultures. The city of Geneva itself boasts more than 190 nationalities that call the city home!

Mineral Hot Springs

Lauterbrunnen | thermes | reasons Switzerland

Home to countless mineral spas Switzerland's thermal baths provide relaxation and healing for thousands of visitors each year. These thermal spas can be accessed easily throughout the country, with some of the best being along Lake Geneva. Guests can enjoy the warm waters while they overlook the breathtaking views around them. Leukerbad is one such hot spring, and is the largest of its kind in the Alps. Places like this make the spa culture in Switzerland second to none!

Perfect For Any Season

Switzerland is often touted as a winter wonderland for travelers seeking snow and cold adventure. However, what many might not know, is that Switzerland is the home of many different microclimates. It is actually an excellent destination for summer hiking and relaxation as well! Cities like Montreux, and Ticino even boast palm tree lined streets and waterfront resorts!

The City of Lucerne

Lucerne | 10 reasons bucket list Switzerland

Switzerland is home to many fun and exciting cities, such as Zurich and Bern. However, many of the smaller ‘gems’ among the country’s countryside are absolutely worth the trip all by themselves. Lucerne is a small village located in the German speaking portion of Switzerland. With 14th century bridges and structures, breathtaking architecture, and charming people--Lucerne is consistently voted one of the most beautiful villages on Earth.

Incredibly Accessible

Almost everything about Switzerland is easy to access for travelers. It is perfectly situated between Germany, Italy, and France so it is easy to travel to. An estimated 66% of the population speaks English proficiently, with many more speaking it on the basic level. It is one of the safest countries on Earth; and each year the people of Switzerland are voted some of the most welcoming on Earth. Switzerland embraces outsiders with open arms, and it is incredibly easy to be a visitor there.

The World’s Best Skiing

Ski | Skiing | Snowboard | Switzerland

Last and foremost, there is no list about Switzerland that can be complete without talking about skiing. Switzerland is home to towering mountains, and some of the best and most powdery-white snow for skiing. Places like St. Moritz, Mürren, and Davos are some of the most famous and sought after skiing destinations in the entire world. If you love skiing and winter sports, Switzerland cannot be beaten.


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Would you like to escape Geneva for a day? Great! This hike is the perfect opportunity to get out of town. We guide you safely through the passages where tourist usually won't go - but these hidden paths including a short excursion into a cave offer scenic views on the city, lake Geneva and the Jura mountains.

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Would you like to escape Geneva for a day? Great! This hike is the perfect opportunity to get out of town. We guide you safely through the passages where tourist usually won't go - but these hidden paths including a short excursion into a cave offer scenic views on the city, lake Geneva and the Jura mountains.

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