6 lovely & kid-friendly trails

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Are you starting to make plans for summer? Then make sure to add some of these lovely family-friendly hikes to your travel itinerary. Not only your kids will love them! For the rest of your trip, get in touch for recommendations on other family-friendly activities and hotels in Switzerland.


The Toggenburger Klangweg (sound trail) combines a musical experience with a stunning landscape. Accompanied by superb mountain views, visitors can experiment with various sound installations made by local craftsmen using regional materials. The first part is 2.5km long and stroller friendly. If you prefer a longer hike, you can add the second part of the Klangweg that is another 3.5km long but not stroller friendly. The trail is open from June to October. There are various barbeque stations along the way.


Schellen-Ursli is one of the most famous children’s picture books in Switzerland. On this 1.5km trail through the forest of St Moritz, several panels tell the story of the famous Engadin boy in different languages, accompanied by beautiful wood-carved figures depicting scenes from the story. This is a lovely trail with or without kids. For more information click here.

Giants forest

The Giants Forest in Elm is a 2.5km stroller-friendly trail with 17 different stations to explore. Along the way, you’ll also learn about the UNESCO World Heritage Tectonic Arena Sardona. The giant is currently sleeping but will be awake again in summer. There are fireplaces along the way for your lunch break.

Heidi path

The fun circular Heidi trail offers lots of exciting activities to experience from the Alpruf, the goat jump, a hammock forest and a Kneipp barefoot path. Can you find all of Peter’s goats along the way? The trail leads from the mountain station Pardiel to Alp Schwarzbüel and back to Pardiel via another path. The first part of the trail from Pardiel to Alp Schwarzbüel is stroller-friendly.

Muggestutz Dwarf trail

Muggestutz is the oldest of the dwarves of the Haslital valley. The dwarf trail from the Mägisalp to Bidmi lets hikers explore Muggestutz’s story along a 5km long trail. The trail will reopen in June and is not suitable for strollers. There are several picnic spots with fireplaces along the way.

Globi trail

Globi is a famous Swiss comic figure who explains topics around nature, technology and more, at 13 different stations along this trail. It starts at the Val Sporz station from where you can take the chairlift up to Tgantieni.

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