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Geneva is a great place to live! This is not just my personal opinion but rather a fact that has been verified several times by multiple sources like CNBC or the German educational magazine GEO. But why is that so? It could be the city’s diversity due to the many expats from all around the globe who work for the UN or one of the many NGOs. Or is it Geneva’s cosmopolitan lifestyle that still keeps its small-city charm and artsy, liberal scene?

For me, it is all that and more, especially its great location in the very center of Europe and with the world’s closest airport to the city center (7 minutes by train). But what if you want to escape the city life and without jumping on a plane? Here are my top 10 personal suggestions for your next getaway.


Salève, float down the Rhône, discover Nyon, Gruyèere, Grottes de Vallorbe, Rochers de Naye

Other Points of Interest

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