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Int. Watchmaking Museum

(c) MIH Jess Hoffmann

The International Watchmaking Museum in La Chaux-de-Fonds hosts the largest collection in the world devoted to the history of time measurement.

The collection includes watches and clocks from the 16th century to the present day, but also tools, machines, instruments, automata, models or reconstructions of missing objects, as well as a large iconographic collection belonging to the various fields of time measurement. The museum also preserves an important collecion of industrial objects from the regional watchmaking heritage.

We offer visits on different topics that will guide you in this wonderful and fascinating world !


Watchmaking, Watches, Clocks, Automata, Regional heritage, Restauration
Enamel, Engraving, Treasures, Watchmaker
Time measurement

(c) MIH Jess Hoffmann
(c) MIH Jess Hoffmann

Other Points of Interest

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