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At the Stapferhaus, right next to Lenzburg railway station, the big questions of the present stand at the forefront: what impacts our lives, what triggers the country’s interest and what moves the world. In interactive, sensory exhibition worlds, we invite you – in an entertaining way – to take a critical look at the central issues of our time.

Current exhibition:
«GENDER & SEX. Discover now»

At the GENDER AND SEX exhibition you’ll discover more than worlds of pink and pale blue. You’ll find out what a piano keyboard has to do with equality, and what genitalia can tell us about ourselves. You’ll become acquainted with fresh perspectives – and have a say in how we want to live out our gender today, and in the future.


- theme-based exhibitions on the big questions of our time
- award winning scenography, design and architecture
- all exhibitions in Englisch, German and French

Other Points of Interest

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