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View from the Selun Alp _ Switzerland _

“I had a great time with Bjorn and went on a hike that I would not have found and be able to go on my own. He tailored the hike to my level of fitness. We had great conversations along the way. I would encourage anyone who wants to get outside the city and have a world class hike to sign up for the tour. "

- Don, Canada -


In short? - Because we love what we do and we wouldn't change our concept and our way of travelling for any money in the world.

Would we go on a coach with 64 other strangers that do exactly the same trip as us? Certainly not - because we believe that every journey should always be an adventure and each one different from the other - as people are divers as well.

Everyone who's working for or helping this company is a globetrotter him- or herself.

- From travelers, for travelers -


So if you choose to go on a trip with us we try to give you the best suggestions - just for you! As if you were one of our friends or family members - no matter if we go with you on a fully guided trip or you explore Switzerland all by yourself on one of our customized self-driving tours.


That's why we ask you a couple of questions in advance - so that we have a brief idea of who is travelling with us. Why should we go on an 8 hour hike with you if you wouldn't enjoy the last hours? Or recommend you a visit in a museum if you would rather do a wine tasting? 

If you don't enjoy your day - neither do we. 

So let's make your trip to Switzerland a one of a kind.

Björn Hansen

Founder of CYou